Going to a Chiropractor has proved to be a safe and effective way to treat different kinds of back pains. Even though a lot of people have been safe from harm, doctors still follow standard procedure to enable them to properly diagnose their clients to make sure that they give them the proper treatment. This step is the first thing the doctor will do and it is called health assessment of the patient.


When you are in the health assessment stage you will fill out a form that will get your health history, you will also be asked questions that will help the doctors figure out what went wrong with your back issues.These are the information they need to filter out the possibilities of what is causing your pain and what is the best  way to ease the pain as well. This is to avoid any complications that may arise in the middle of the process because of the lack of the information from the client.

After, you will get into a detailed consultation with the Chiropractor. This is the part where the Doctor will discuss with you all there is about your back condition from what it is called and where it was rooted from. He will then explain to you what kind of chiropractic treatment will best address the issue, he will make sure that he will properly guide you through this treatment and how long it will last untill it completely heals. This is where you should ask all your questions and if you want to proceed with the offered treatment.

If you do agree with the treatment, the Doctor will want to double check your physical health and make you go through an initial examination. This will assure him that the information you gave him is true and that you are physically able to go through treatment. There are times that clients are not aware that there are other physical or health issues lingering around. This is to check if there are actual issues that they have to address before starting the treatment.

Spinal tests will be done if you are recorded as healthy after the initial examination by the doctor.ts, and Here your spine will be tested to check your spine’s range of motion, reflexes, neurological tests and orthopedic tests. Here they want to see the limits of your back to ensure that the doctor will apply just the right amount of pressure and flexibility that you can take. Without this test, there will be a big possibility that you might do more damage to your back rather than heal it,

All the records and results of your test will be properly documented and kept for future reference.

You will then be called back to meet with the doctor to discuss the test results and he will properly run you by it for better understanding. This will also determine if your back can take the strains of Chiropractic treatment or not, do not be discourage if you are not able to for the doctor can refer you to other treatments that will be better for you.